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Ben Shiffrin


Luke is a relentless hustler of a manager with an exhaustive knowledge of his field. He got me my first paid job as a working screenwriter.

June 12, 2012

Thomas Berrings

Researcher, Investment Associate

Luke worked with my company to investigate the attractiveness of our potential expansion into a new vertical. He spent several months performing diligent and exhaustive research on the space in question. In addition, he introduced our company to several of the most prominent contacts he made in the industry. His work proved invaluable to our company and had a tangible impact on our business. He was incredibly professional and diligent throughout the duration of the project and also showed creativity in tackling the most difficult aspects of the task. He was also able to quickly establish a nuanced understanding of our business (with which he was not previously very familiar) in a very short period of time. Overall, working with Luke was unequivocally a highly positive experience.

June 4, 2012